Commemorative Album Handed Over to the Ignacy Paderewski Museum

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC has handed over a commemorative album containing momentous belonging to Ignacy and Helena Paderewski to the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Museum in Kasna Dolna outside of Tarnow, Poland. The album was gifted to the Embassy by Halina and Jacek Dutkiewicz who reside in Memphis, Tennessee. These valuable memorabilia was given to them by Neil Smith, an American whose family was acquainted with the Paderewski’s. Neil Smith’s ancestors were for many years strong supporters of the Polish White Cross, a paramilitary civilian organization established by Helena Paderewska in the USA during the First World War. In line with the wishes of the donors, the album was gifted to a museum located in the former manor belonging to Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Kasna Dolna. Paderewski purchased the manor in 1897, intending for it to become his summer residence. On the pages of the “Boston Transcript” he would invite Americans to visit Krasna, for it is close to the Tatra Mountains and even not too far from Paris, only a 33 hour train ride back then. Thanks to the efforts of the Tarnowski Musical Society and the Paderewski Center Tarnow-Kasna Dolna, this manor - which is the only remaining residence of the virtuoso - functions today as a museum, a concert venue and a place dedicated to the memory of Ignacy Jan Paderewski.

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