PAS Received Paderewski's Memorabilia

The Polish American Society is fortunate to have obtained some valuable mementos of Ignacy Paderewski and his wife Helen. This gift was forwarded to the Association by Halina Dutkiewicz, who received it from a family friend, Neil (Chip) Smith. Chip''s parents were close friends with the Paderewski family. They helped financially support the Polish White Cross, an organization created by Helena Paderewska. The goal of this institution was to get medical attention for Polish soldiers who fought on various fronts during the First World War. The mementos include portraits of the great Polish pianist and statesman, signed in his own hand, numerous letters and postcards from Helen Paderewska, and other interesting memorabilia. We have decided to make electronic copies of the memorabilia and publish them on the website of the PAS. The originals will be given to the Polish Embassy in the United States in a ceremony during the Consul's visit in Memphis in August 2010.

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