Our Mission

The Polish-American Society of Memphis was established in 1978. Our mission is to strengthen bonds and solidarity, provide mutual support and help between Polish People, cultivate Polish traditions, culture and language, and the promotion of native Polish values in the American society.

August 26 - Germantown International Festival

This year Germantown International Festival will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2017, from 11 am to 5 pm, at Shelby Farms Park, 7777 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120 in the International Agricenter.

Due to high venue costs for the Agricenter and the desire to keep admission free and fees for the booth low, the organizers would like us to share this letter with you:

“Hi friends!

We are gearing up for the annual Germantown International Festival (August 26, 2017), and this year, we need your help. We've set up a GoFundMe site to raise funds as our festival continues to grow--more than 30 cultures will take part this year! Your donation will help us keep the festival growing— this year we must move to the Agricenter to accommodate all of the countries! Your support will also allow us to continue the tradition of free admission for our thousands of visitors. With the event offering such a beautiful forum for opening hearts and minds, it’s important to keep the event easily accessible. Your support is greatly appreciated. I can tell you from my own experience how beautiful it is to see so many cultures embracing each other. Look forward to seeing you on August 26th!.”

To donate - go to GoFundMe.

September 22 - 24 - Campout

This year we will keep with tradition by camping in Village Creek State Park in Arkansas, just like last year. We invite children and adults to enjoy the delights of nature, fire, and baked potatoes. We welcome everyone and guarantee a great atmosphere, lots of laughter, and other fun activities. For more information about the camp, contact Iwona Gaye. We would like to remind you that parents are responsible for the safety of their children and should not leave them unattended. The park is located at the geologically diversified Crowley’s Ridge, about 60 miles from Memphis. More information about this beautiful place is available on the Park's website.

October 7 - Fall Picnic

Our fall picnic will be held Saturday, October 7, 2017, from 4 pm to 8 pm, at the Cameron-Brown Park, 8628 Farmington Blvd, Germantown, TN.  As usual, PAS will have something for the grill as well as soft drinks.  Please bring an entrée or a dessert to share with others.  We will have a guitar and song-books for those of us who will want to sing Polish songs together.

October 28, 2017 - General Election Assembly

The term of service for the current board of PAS will come to an end at the end of this year. In October we will choose a new board at our traditional dinner. Please save the date to participate in the general election assembly. Detailed information about the meeting will be sent out at a later date.

Bridge Club Meeting

The PAS Bridge Club meets once a month on Saturdays. If interested in participating please contact Ania Wozniak at 830-9346, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See PAS calendar for the next club meeting.


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